Banquete menu

Банкетне меню



Stuffed eggplant rolls with:

walnut filling 250 g 99 uah
tomato and cheese filling 250 g 99 uah
pickled onions and herbs 250 g 99 uah


With tomatoes and cheese 185 g 35 uah
with pork fat 140 g 39 uah
With beef tongue and garlic sauce 200 g 75 uah
with baked pork and tomatoes 200 g 65 uah
Sauce with baked aubergines, blue onions and oil 200 g 59 uah
Beans pate with cheese and crackling 100 g 28 uah
Ham hock with garlic and greens 150 g 89 uah
Mali Vasiuky (pepper with chicken) 250 g 80 uah
Herring with baked potatoes 300 g 69 uah
Mashed potatoes and hashed mackerel Kherson style 300 g 99 uah
Crepes with slightly salted salmon and soft cheese 200 g 119 uah


With rooster 100 g 28 uah
With turkey 100 g 37 uah
with fish (salmon, zander) 100 g 59 uah
Stuffed pike 100 g 45 uah
Whole carp baked with lemon and herbs/ whole carp fried homemade style 100 g 55 uah


Salad ‘Didiv lyoh’ (marinated …) 500 g 99 uah
Pickled mushrooms (penny bun, chanterelle, suillus) 250 g 129 uah
Cheese board from Ukrainian farmers 250 g 239 uah
Cossacks’ plate (cold boiled pork, smoked cheeks, homemade sausages, blood sausages, pork fat: marinated, salted, pate) 400 g 149 uah
Side dish ‘Hetmanska’ 200/30 g 99 uah


Balakuchiy yazychok 250 g 99 uah
Salad from pannochka 180 g 79 uah
Warm salad with veal, goats cheese and pistachio sauce 180 g 99 uah
with grilled vegetables and fried pork 300 g 129 uah
with grilled vegetables and fried veal 300 g 139 uah

Salads by individual portions

with green leafs, poached egg and grilled zander 170 g 79 uah
Herring dressing
Warm turkey with vegetables served with mint and sea buckthorn sauce 250 g 69 uah


Pike cutlets 150/150 g 89 uah
Small potato cutlets with pork 300 g 50 uah
Small potato cutlets with penny bun mushrooms 300 g 70 uah
Lamb meat balls stuffed with goats cheese served with adjika sauce 220 g 139 uah

Stuffed wine leaves

With pork and grape leaves 250 g 89 uah
with chicken and cabbage leaves

Stuffed rolls

with chicken and vegetables 300 g 115 uah
With chicken, honey and mustard 150 g 115 uah
With veal and pickled plums 250 g 145 uah
with pork and carrots 250 g 125 uah
Crepes with penny bun mushrooms 200 g 89 uah

Spit roast

Baked ham 100 g 65 uah
Young sheep with sauce 100 g 69 uah
Veal entrecote 100 g 79 uah

Baked fish

Sturgeon ataman style 100 g 130 uah
Spiny dogfish with vegetables and wine sauce 100 g 79 uah


Selection for “Kozatska desyatuna” (pork, veal, chicken breast, lyulya kebab, greens) 1500 g 890 uah
Large assortment of sausages for 4 people (wild pig, blood sausage, chicken, pork with bacon, lamb and chicken), rye toasts, horseradish and adjika 1200 g 550 uah

Baked meat

Baked veal in wine sauce and flambé vegetables 100 g 79 uah
Half turkey-half duck backed with noodles and penny bun mushrooms 100 g 45 uah
Turkey baked with apples and sauerkraut  100 g 45 uah
Pork neck with grilled vegetables 100 g 70 uah
Goose with quince and prunes 100 g 42 uah

Side dishes

Baked potato with pork fat 220 g 45 uah
Rice with vegetables 250 g 59 uah
Baked potato country style 200 g 35 uah

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