Pan will come over to you if that is what you need. At our restaurant you can choose   a catering option and enjoy a high level of service from Pan Ataman’s team wherever you are.

We have everything you need in order to organise your celebration perfectly and professionally: qualified team of cooks, servants, and hostesses; our own equipment and cutlery; and most importantly – our high standards of service and experience.

Moreover, we can offer you a VIP catering option, which includes:

  • A customized menu to your taste;
  • buying all products by ourselves: our chefs will choose the ingredients themselves;
  • cooking dishes at our restaurant or at your place – whichever you prefer. We can provide you with all necessary equipment for cooking if needed;
  • Personal administrator at your event: we can look after your event while you are celebrating;
  • cooking all the dishes by the chef or brand chef themselves;
  • a team of waiters with high a high level of service standards;
  • Decorating: we can decorate your place as per your needs.

Order the best catering service from Pan Ataman restaurant.


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